Return On Investment – ROI

Saving costs when implementing new best-practices is of course important. But companies often choose to prioritize new turnover or faster turnover before cost-reductions.

DITA Exchange provides both benefits. Here is a short overview of what you can expect.

Time-to-Market – A Constant Challenge

Increased competition means that the product life cycle is shrinking – at the same time the complexity of the product is increasing. These two trends causes the time span in which the company can generate revenue to decrease.

This is the major business driver for companies looking for improved best practice scenarios for creating and maintaining technical documentation and is one of the key drivers behind DITA Exchange.

DITA Exchange allows the technical documentation to be developed in parallel with the product development – across departments and time-zones – with the final objective to launch the product earlier than today.

Gain New Competitive Advantages…

DITA Exchange is a true single-source-publishing and collaboration solution – allowing companies to produce the content in whatever format customers and partners are preferring. Out-of-the-box DITA Exchange will produce on-line-help-files, PDF, complete websites, Word and of course DITA-XML-files simply by clicking a button.

Collaborating Across Borders And Time Zones

But DITA Exchange is more than a publishing engine. Subject Matter Experts from all parts of the organization will work together in DITA exchange. The powerful build-in workflow-component will make sure that e.g. your translation- and approval processes will run smoothly – without manual coordination. Saving money and decreasing time-to-market for new products.