Purchasing Guide for DITA Exchange


DITA Exchange has been designed with rapid implementation as one of the key-drivers. Once the customer has decided to start the project we will set up the complete standard-installation within a time-frame of 4-6 weeks.

STEP 1 – Webinar – Product Demonstration

STEP 1in the purchasing guide is to get familiar with DITA Exchange. You gather your team of relevant decision makers and stakeholders in your organizations and orders a free, tailored one-hour Webinar.

We agree on a time and date – and within one hour you will have a sufficient basis for deciding if DITA Exchange can make a difference in your organization and if it’s worth investing more time in the solution.

STEP 2 – Proof Of Concept – POC

If the decision after the webinar is “GO” STEP 2 is to set up a private DITA Exchange site for your organization including licenses for 5 users, user-training, tailored output templates etc.

After 3-4 weeks your team will have a very detailed understanding of the complete set of advantages you will have from DITA Exchange – and you will be able to set up a complete ROI-analysis for your final decision.

STEP 3 – Standard Implementation

After a successful POC – STEP 3 can begin. Now DITA Exchange will be fully implemented in its standard configuration. All metadata will be configured, specific user groups set up, the out-put templates will be polished to perfection etc.

You are ready for production.

STEP 4 – Customization

1-2 months after going live with DITA Exchange we will re-evaluate all details of the improved best-practice scenarios to see if we can find additional processes that can be improved. Based on this discussion a Customization phase of DITA Exchange can begin.